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Customize stamps, marking devices, signs and office supplies to give your business a polished, professional look with a consistent brand image.

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Electronic Hand Stamps

These Electronic Hand Stamps utilize the technology of an ink jet printer and put it in the palm of your hand - literally. These unique electronic hand stamps combine the advantages of both electric and hand stamps to create the most versatile electronic hand stamp on the market today. Unlimited mobility and superb design give you the power to take these ink jet printer electronic hand stamps anywhere and leave a professional, uniform imprint wherever you go.

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JetStamp 790 Ink Jet Printer Electronic Handstamp
JetStamp 790 Ink Jet Printer Electronic Handstamp
The “new electronic handstamp,” JetStamp 790 combines the power of an ink jet printer and electric stamp with the portability of a handstamp for a superior electronic handstamp that does it all.